Behold, the maverickness

The Globe finds that several Conservative MPs are a mere 98% or 99% loyal to the party line. Upon being presented with the findings, Government Whip Gordon O’Connor salutes his side’s democratic nature.

“I guess in principle, we’re more democratic than the other parties, basically,” Mr. O’Connor said in an interview with the Globe and Mail. “I’m not going to get out there and toot our horn, but if you actually check in Parliament, we have the most freedom as backbenchers.”

The maverickiest maverick, James Bezan, broke with the majority of the Conservative caucus a remarkable… 1.42% of the time.

As the Globe notes at the bottom of its story, most of the “divisive votes” had to do with private members’ motions and bills proposed by opposition MPs (the exception being Stephen Woodworth’s motion on the legal definition of life).

Nick Taylor-Vaisey rains on Mr. O’Connor’s parade here and it’s also worth noting, again, that the Conservatives came to office with a commitment that all votes except those on budget bills would be free votes.

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