Breaking down Nigel Wright's first day in court

Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler discuss the first day of Nigel Wright's testimony and its potential fallout

    The marquee witness has taken centre stage. Nigel Wright began his much-anticipated testimony on Wednesday at the trial of Mike Duffy, where the Crown interrogated him about his role in the $90,000 bank draft that paid off the senator’s controversial expenses.

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    The buzz around this portion of the trial is loud. Wright, after all, was the Prime Minister’s chief of staff from September 2010 to May 2013. And amid a testy and tight federal election campaign, many are watching to see if Wright’s words will lead to any political fallout for Harper’s Conservative party. In the video below, Evan Solomon and Nick Köhler discuss the first day of Wright’s testimony, and how the former PMO chief of staff’s testimony peels back the layers of how the meticulous Stephen Harper runs his office.

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