Breaking: Marc Garneau disagrees with Justin Trudeau -

Breaking: Marc Garneau disagrees with Justin Trudeau

This time, it's about Senate reform


Yesterday, Marc Garneau criticized Justin Trudeau for comments Mr. Trudeau made about Quebec secession. Today, the Garneau campaign announces that the candidate disagrees with Mr. Trudeau’s stance on Senate reform (see previously: The solution is not better patronage and How would Trudeau appoint senators?)

Liberal Leadership Candidate Marc Garneau would push for an elected Senate with limited terms, in stark contrast to fellow leadership candidate Justin Trudeau’s status quo approach to the red chamber.

“I fundamentally disagree with Justin Trudeau, who has said he would stick with the status quo and simply nominate better Senators,” said Garneau, who is travelling in rural Quebec this week.

“Trudeau says reform is too problematic. I say real leaders find solutions to make positive change. They don’t give in to the status quo because it’s too hard.”

Garneau said Australia, which also has a parliamentary system, has a tie-breaking mechanism between its House of Commons and its Senate, and has an elected senate that could serve as a model for Canada

He said he would work with the provinces and constitutional experts to create an elected Senate that would address regional balance and ensure the House of Commons would be the final arbiter.

“Canadians have made clear that they are dissatisfied with the undemocratic, unrepresentative Senate as it now stands. My position is Canada must work with the provinces to create an elected Senate with limited terms,” said Garneau.