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It is being reported this morning that former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow thinks collaboration between the NDP and Liberals is an idea worth discussing. Mind you, Mr. Romanow concedes this notion is “nothing new.” Indeed, here is part of a dispatch the Canadian Press sent out across the wires in the early morning hours of Sept. 26, 2000.

Retiring Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow says discussions of a merger between the federal N-D-P and the Liberals should be looked at. Romanow spoke to C-T-V-NewsNet after he announced his retirement yesterday as premier of Saskatchewan.

Romanow says he’s not a fan of the up-and-coming Canadian Alliance which he feels embodies fundamentalist American views that “sometimes tend to be judgmental.” Romanow suggests middle-of-road and left-leaning political parties sew together an alliance of their own.

He didn’t say the Liberals and N-D-P should merge. But Romanow says it’s “something people should keep their minds open to.”

Later that morning, the National Post arrived on newsstands with a front page story touting similar comments by Mr. Romanow to a young cub reporter by the name of Paul Wells.