Brent Rathgeber Maverick Watch

The Conservative backbencher laments for how limousines are used by cabinet ministers.

The Cabinet Minister Limousine Service represents one of the most egregious displays of Ottawa opulence.  Every Minister is entitled to a vehicle and a driver.  For security reasons, I do not take issue with Ministers being chauffeured to events around the Nation’s Capital.  But there is little justification for Ministers being driven around the Parliamentary Precincts, especially when the House of Commons also operates a continuous Shuttle Bus Service for MP’s and all Parliamentary Staff.

But the worst waste of taxpayer money involves the 6,548 hours of standby service limo drivers recorded in 2011.  The House of Commons frequently sits until late at night and if votes are being recorded, conceivably more than 30 limousines complete with drivers, will be parked outside Center Block for hours; the whole time overtime being charged for this standby “service”.

Surely there is a more cost effective method of getting Cabinet Ministers to and from meetings.  Surely, as government preaches fiscal discipline such extravagance must be eliminated.  Surely, having limo drivers on standby for hours is a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Surely, there are taxis available in Ottawa.