Broadbent v. Mulcair -

Broadbent v. Mulcair


The former NDP leader is unrepentant.

Broadbent reiterated his concerns, saying: the NDP could disappear if Mulcair brings it too close to the political centre; that Mulcair had claimed false credit for the party’s breakthrough in Quebec in last May’s election; and that New Democrats ought to be worried about whether he has the personal temperament to lead a united caucus. “I’m just putting up warning signals,” he said Saturday from his Ottawa home. “I felt I had a responsibility to do this.”

The frontrunner to be the next NDP leader is undeterred.

But in a french-language interview with Radio-Canada’s Sunday political flagship program Les Coulisses du Pouvoir, Mulcair said he has never used that expression. “Others have used it for me, and attributed it to me,” he said. “What I have said from the start, however, is we have to bring the centre towards the NDP,” specified Mulcair, who sees a distinction between the two positions.