Bruce Hyer endorses Joyce Murray

The Liberal leadership candidate wins the support of an independent MP

Yesterday before Question Period, Independent MP Bruce Hyer endorsed Joyce Murray for Liberal leader.

Mr. Speaker, in 2011 most voters did not get what they voted for. Whether they favoured Greens, NDP or Liberals, they often received a Conservative MP due to our undemocratic voting system. Most of the world’s democracies have some kind of proportional representation. If we had fair elections, then Conservatives would have only 122 seats, the NDP 96, the Liberals 58 and the Greens would have at least a dozen. Canadians would have the Parliament they voted for, most likely a NDP-Liberal-Green government.

Only one of the candidates running for the Liberal leadership has a real plan for electoral reform, putting democracy before party politics. I hope that Canadians will seriously consider the ideas of the member for Vancouver Quadra and that other candidates will also put their country before personal and political ambitions.

Conceivably Mr. Hyer could sign up as a Liberal supporter and cast a vote for Ms. Murray.

Update 5:54pm. Mr. Hyer tells me he doesn’t plan on voting in the Liberal leadership race and prefers to maintain his independence.