BTC: Au revoir

Emerson and Hearn are out. By an unofficial count, of the 308 individuals who won a seat in the 2006 election, 40 now won’t be seeking office this fall.

Nine vacancies—those left by Benoit Sauvageau, Joe Fontana, Jean Lapierre, Yvan Loubier, Bill Graham, Jim Peterson, Stephen Owen, Michel Gauthier and Gary Merasty—have already been filled through by-elections. Assuming September’s four by-elections are cancelled on account of an October vote, there will be 31 incumbents to be replaced.

Conservatives (13)
Dave Batters
Norman Doyle
David Emerson
Ken Epp
Brian Fitzpatrick
Art Hanger
Loyola Hearn
Betty Hinton
Bob Mills
Brian Pallister
Carol Skelton
Myron Thompson
John Williams

Liberals (13)
Raymond Bonin
Brenda Chamberlain
Roy Cullen
John Godfrey
Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Paul Martin
Bill Matthews
Joe McGuire
Lucienne Robillard
Andy Scott
Paul Steckle
Belinda Stronach
Tom Wappel

New Democrats (3)
Bill Blaikie
Alexa McDonough
Penny Priddy

Bloc Quebecois (2)
Maka Kotto
Caroline St. Hilaire

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