BTC: Don't panic

“What Canadians are worried about right now is not the job situation, not losing their homes like in the U.S. What they’re worried about is they see the stock-market problems.”
—Stephen Harper, Oct. 2

“Look, the main thing the government has to do in a time like this is not panic. A lot of people out there are panicking. I think there are probably some great buying opportunities emerging on the stock market as a consequence of all this panic.”
—Stephen Harper, Oct. 7 (afternoon)

“Canadians are worried right now, those worries are understandable. My mother is with my kids tonight. I’m sure she’s worrying about her savings. I worry about my kids’ future.”
—Stephen Harper, Oct. 7 (evening)

“People are worried about the global economy and its effects in Canada. They’re also worried about their job security, they’re worried about their homes. I share their concerns.”
—Jim Flaherty, today

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