BTC: Family is everything (III)

Here’s the rough script to an ad the Conservatives ran in 2004.

We open on footage of Stephen on the podium and with his family. He plays road hockey with his son Delivers an address for a large gathering. Watches his daughter at ballet. Takes a private moment in his office. Takes his boy to Ice Hockey. And walks with his wife. The image is a romantic portrait of a leader and a man with his family. Over these images we hear Stephen Harper. 

SH: They say the measure of a man is in his commitment to his family, to his friends and to his country. 

It’s in the lives he enriches and the promises he keeps. 

To serve a country is to be measured. 

To be held accountable… to a higher standard. 

So if I am to be measured let it be to my unwavering commitment, to my family, my friends and… my country. 

My name, is Stephen Harper. 

Cut to a close up of Stephen Harper delivering the last line. 

End slate: Demand Better. Vote Conservative.

(Unable, as yet, to find the matching video, but here is a slightly altered version of the above.)

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