BTC: For whatever it's worth

While anonymous senior, long-time, veteran Liberal, strategist advisors are clamouring for a new leadership race, various and numerous Liberal bloggers are lining up in support of Stephane Dion.

Whatever could this possibly mean?

Probably not much. At least so far as Mr. Dion’s job security is concerned.

In general, it’s difficult to make much of the debate between and amongst Canada’s political bloggers. If anything, it’s perplexing to see the partisan situation in Ottawa—everyone pick a side and commence yelling talking points at each other—mirrored by the bloggers that are, conceivably, supposed to offer fresh insight and scrutiny. (And no, thorough investigation into Garth Turner’s every utterance probably doesn’t count as fresh insight and scrutiny.)

But in this case the partisanship might be instructive. All of the writers linked to above are, conceivably, Liberal voters. Many have probably lent their time, money and effort to the party. And they’re not particularly impressed.

Sure, it’s a small sample. No, it doesn’t overrule how the Canadian public voted on Tuesday. And obviously it does nothing to change the reality within Mr. Dion’s caucus or the party apparatus.

But it is… well… interesting.

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