BTC: Rugged

Talking with Jack Layton yesterday (print edition story to follow next week) and discussion turns to Jack’s summer vacation. Or, as it might more accurately be described, Jack’s summer “vacation.”

Seems Jack and Olivia decided to voyage down the Alsek River, paddling and camping and hiking and such. But don’t take Layton’s word for it. A heroic-enough picture of the trip is on display at Click on the link and you’ll find both an essay on the trip (and how it relates to the NDP’s environmental policies) and a YouTube video (though I’m not getting any audio on this computer).

Two points on the NDP’s use of Jack’s leisure time.

1. If the Liberals had tried this with Mr. Dion, the images would’ve made the front page of the Globe.

2. Why haven’t the Liberals tried this with Mr. Dion?

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