BTC: When there's nothing left to lose

Onward. The Prime Minister is, by now, safely returned to the capital and Mr. Dion begins his tour today with town halls in Bradford and Oakville. There are four events scheduled in Toronto on Thursday, a town hall in Toronto on Friday and then visits to Cambridge and Guelph. By my count, his itinerary includes no less than six mentions of media availability. 

It’s tempting to see these next few days—and especially tonight’s big show in Oakville—as pivotal for the Liberal leader. But then every day for Mr. Dion seems to be pivotal. Which is to say, perhaps more accurately, precarious. Most remarkable, if these town halls are as billed, is that he seems now to be reveling in the precariousness, basking in the assumed hopelessness of his task.

(We’ll check in with an early word after Bradford.)

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