BudgetWatch 2009: So basically, they doesn't know yet. Let's ask them again in an hour!

Okay, opposition leaders – listen up:

Just because we relentless Hill journalist types keep asking you the exact same question  – for example, “Are you going to vote against the budget?” – every time you stray too near a microphone doesn’t necessarily mean that you should answer it. Even when you’re ostensibly speaking to caucus, and especially if your response can’t be summed up with one of the following three words: yes, no or maybe.

I can understand how you might think that giving every answer possible, sometimes in the same sentence, is better than giving no answer at all, but you’d be wrong.  (In fairness, I should probably admit that we won’t stop asking the question – after all, we have to do something to kill time for the next six days – but don’t worry – most of us won’t hold the exercise of artful ambiguity against you – not past budget day, anyway.)