Can it be?

Well, now. The Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament facebook page now has over 108,000 115,000 127,000 146,000 150,000 178,000 190,000 205,000 signatories. An Angus Reid poll shows 53 per cent of Canadians opposed to prorogation, while an Ekos poll shows 58% opposed — 40% “strongly” so. The government’s overall numbers are on the slide, even before the demonstrations planned for across the country later this month.

Conservative supporters, meanwhile, have either gone quiet or are openly attacking the move. (Also a Western Standard writer who wants it known he is not a Conservative supporter.) The Reid poll has 35% of Conservative voters opposed. Even the Liberals show signs of something vaguely resembling backbone.

Could it be that Canadians are not so apathetic as I made out? That somewhere in this nation’s consciousness there lies half-buried a memory of a time when Parliament actually mattered?

Could it be, in other words, that I was, um, you know, what I mean to say is, er … wrong?

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