Canadians don't want a coalition government, Justin Trudeau says

Stephen Harper told the CBC on Monday he would step down if his party doesn't win the most seats in the election

    AMHERST, N.S. — Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Canadians don’t want a coalition if a party wins a minority government after the election.

    Trudeau is campaigning today in Amherst, N.S., where he was asked whether he would entertain the idea of forming a coalition government after Oct. 19.

    He says while the Liberals would work with other parties to ensure legislation they believe in gets passed, he doesn’t believe a coalition government is best for Canadians.

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    Talk of the possibility of a coalition government has grown in recent days.

    Conservative Leader Stephen Harper told CBC’s the National on Monday he would step down if his party doesn’t win the most seats in the election.

    Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe said Monday he would be open to supporting a coalition with the New Democrats or the Liberals, but not the Conservatives.

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