Celebrating anonymous Liberal sources

Recently, anonymous Liberal sources have commented on the following issues:

As a former communications staffer in Michael Ignatieff’s OLO, I’m as big a fan of the well-placed source as the next gal. But it’s a privilege to influence the national dialogue and that’s the best anonymous Liberals can do?

Allow me:

  • “Being in third place while there’s a Conservative majority keeps the heat off while we regroup and rebuild.” – Jordan Owens
  • “It might not be the best idea to let a 20-year-old run the Liberal policy process.” – Jordan Owens
  • “Before becoming interim leader, Bob Rae said he wouldn’t attempt to become permanent leader.” – Jordan Owens

You might be used to anonymous Liberal sources, but Adam and I are trying something different. We’re Liberals. We’ve given blood, sweat and tears (oh, so many tears) to the party. We’ll work as hard as we can to ensure the continuation of Liberalism in Canada. And we’ll say what we think and use our own names.

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