Checking in with Joe

When last we checked, Joe Soares was dismissing the “bland moderate policies” of the other Conservative candidates in Calgary Centre, warning that Thomas Mulcair’s “socialist high tax and anti-Alberta policies will destroy Canada” and accusing BC Premier Christy Clark of “economic terrorism.”

Now he’s selling bumper stickers and attacking fellow candidate Joan Crockatt for having once defended Belinda Stronach.

“I’ve always supported Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I had the honour and privilege of working for him. It is no surprise that our great Prime Minister is often unfairly attacked by partisan commentators and journalists in the main stream media. But what I am surprised about is that one of these commentators, who appears to have acted as spokesperson for Belinda Stronach after she went to the Liberals, now wants to be an MP in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s caucus. As a Conservative I would not be comfortable with having someone in caucus siding with Liberal Belinda Stronach and I would hope that Joan Crockatt has changed her views on the Prime Minister. I believe that what is important here in Calgary-Centre is to elect a real Conservative prepared to take a stand on issues important to Calgarians such as defending the Oil Sands from Quebec’s Thomas Mulcair and his socialist wrecking crew, and ending gold-plated pensions for MPs.”

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