'Critically hurt Canadian families'

From Brian Jean just before QP yesterday, another one for the “A price on carbon will destroy your family” file.

Mr. Speaker, it is almost Christmas, a time when our thoughts naturally turn to family, friends and gift giving. This Christmas, NDP members are behaving more like Scrooge than Santa. They want to give Canadians the gift of a carbon tax. This is no gift, but rather a money grab, a lump of coal that would create hardships all across Canada for hardworking families.

The oil sands fuel the economy and creates jobs in all parts of Canada. Every day, workers fly out of northern Alberta, my home, taking their well-earned good wages back to their families in Newfoundland, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and all of Canada.

A carbon tax like the NDP is proposing would critically hurt Canadian families. Our government has lowered taxes for all Canadians, promoted trade, increased exports and kept our economy stable. I ask all Canadians during the holidays to raise their voice and say no to the NDP lump of coal, no to the NDP carbon tax.

Alberta actually already has a price on carbon, but that price is not sufficiently apocalyptic, then perhaps the current carbon tax review in British Columbia will turn up evidence of critically wounded families.

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