Watch Crosstalk, our live politics show, on Trump, Trudeau, and more -

Watch Crosstalk, our live politics show, on Trump, Trudeau, and more

Watch Evan Solomon and John Geddes talk shop and take questions , every Wednesday at 10 am ET


Every Wednesday morning, political insiders Evan Solomon and John Geddes unpack Parliament Hill and beyond in Maclean’s weekly Facebook Live show Crosstalk, beaming our deep-dive discussions of politics and policy to your device, no matter where you are. It’s our smart must-watch morning briefing on the week’s biggest topics—and you can join in the conversation with comments and questions of your own, live!

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Here’s what was on the agenda this week:


Friday marks the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, and while Washington, D.C. prepares for its big Inauguration Day, Canadians are wondering what the impact will be for our home and native land. Evan and John discussed how the federal government plans to position itself on NATO, trade, and more—and how Canada’s retooled cabinet will work with Trump’s.


The prime minister, on the other hand, won’t be at Trump’s inauguration—he’ll be continuing his tour in smaller cities and communities across Canada, looking to reconnect with Canadians. So far, it’s brought both cheers and jeers. Evan and John broke down the impact of the tour so far.

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