Desperately Seeking Majority Government

Shows what I know, but for what it is worth I agree with those calling for Dion to go. I once thought otherwise, but the past two years have shown he’s just not up to the job. The sooner he leaves the better, but like Norman Spector I’m worried that his stubbornness, which is partly what got him in this situation in the first place, will only make things worse.

That said, I agree with Randy Denley in today’s OC: This is Harper’s third kick at the can, against two of the weakest Liberal leaders imaginable, and this is the best he can do?

In the end, I would have preferred a majority government. It would have hastened the inevitable Liberal housecleaning, brought stability and predictability to the bureaucracy in Ottawa, and reduced partisan rancour in the Commons. Most important, we would have finally found out if Stephen Harper is actually a conservative, or just a grouch with a fetish for self-defeating and tone-deaf wedge politics.

My contribution to the evening’s events is here. The gist of it:

Ultimately, minority rule is a perversion of parliamentary government. Yes, majority leadership is guilty of all the things of which it is accused, allowing the prime minister to control the House and push through his agenda unopposed. But as software programmers like to say, these are not bugs, they are features.

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