Dewar bows out -

Dewar bows out


His statements to reporters after the first ballot.

I just told my team, that are by far the best team, that I’ve made a decision. That we’ve seen the results. That I’ve decided that I am actually going to drop out at this point. I say that with absolute pride in my campaign, what we have done. I was so proud of our team yesterday. The results of the showcase were fantastic, but there comes a time when you have to make a decision. I am making that decision. I am dropping out of the race. I am not going to any other candidate. This is about our party staying united. I’m so happy with what we did, our message. And I’m just so proud of my party and we’re going to stay united. Thank you so much.

He was asked about endorsing another candidate.

This is a democratic process. People will go where they choose to go and I’m not telling anyone where to go. I’ve always been straightforward about that. I’m a very open guy, very honest about that, and I’m not changing my mind about it at all.

I then asked him if he was surprised with the result.

Well, you know, we ran a really good campaign, I’m so proud of that. And we knew from the beginning that this would be wide open. We were hoping to, obviously, do better, but this a democratic process, members have decided on this first ballot result and so I’m happy with what we did. And I leave it at that.

Asked about his personal vote, he declined to specify.