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Duffy-Wright: ‘Oh my… it never ends’

Why did it take four days for Nigel Wright to resign?


CBC Saskatchewan talks to Senator David Tkachuk. The Senate rebuffs a request from Global for more information on Mike Duffy’s expenses. The CBC finds that Mr. Duffy once wanted to be a cabinet minister. The Hill Times delves into Mr. Duffy’s campaign expenses. And a poll finds only 13% believe the Prime Minister didn’t know about Mr. Wright’s gift.

Meanwhile, Colin Horgan parses the timeline of Mr. Wright’s disclosure and resignation.

Yet, if we accept the prime minister’s timeline, there is no reason for him to know the answers to any of those questions. He was not in the loop, after all, according to him. That leaves one question for him, and it is this: Why, on learning of Wright’s payment on May 15 – something which Harper has of late denounced in increasingly strong terms – did he not fire him right away? Why did Wright’s resignation not come until May 19?

… The problem the prime minister has now is that there are all kinds of other facts. Facts he, or those close to him, know. Facts like the reasons why Wright lasted four days in his position after Harper discovered what had occurred. Facts like why Conservative insiders were apparently telling John Ibbitson that Harper fought to keep Wright in his job.