Etobicoke Centre goes to the Supreme Court

A statement from Conservative MP Ted Opitz.

“This is the first time this section of the Elections Act has been considered by a court, and it is  important that it be given the fullest consideration because of its significant impact on our  democratic system. The court made it very clear that there was no wrongdoing by any candidate. Fifty-two thousand  people in Etobicoke Centre followed the rules and cast their ballots. Their democratic choice has  been called into question by the decision relating to 0.15% of those ballots.

There is an automatic right to appeal the decision directly to the Supreme Court of  Canada. Parliament intended the final decision on such a significant matter of national importance  should be made by the Supreme Court of Canada. I will be appealing the decision to let the Supreme Court of Canada decide. It is in the public interest  that election results be respected and that voters not be disenfranchised.

The legal grounds for the appeal will be argued in court. My focus will continue to be on doing my  job. As I have done for the past year, I will continue working hard on behalf of my constituents in Etobicoke Centre.

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