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Everybody gets a gazebo


The Star tours the G8 legacy projects of Ontario’s cottage country.

They’re scratching their heads about that in tiny Orrville, about 20 minutes inland from Parry Sound on Highway 518, a thin two-lane track that winds east toward Kearney, a hamlet about 20 minutes north of Huntsville. In other words, U.S. President Barack Obama is highly unlikely to stop by for a burger. And even if he were so inclined, Orrville’s Roadhouse resaturant across from the new park closed last fall.

“It’s just in the boonies,” notes motorcyclist Glen Bolder, from nearby Rosseau.

Nestled between farmland and cottages on nearby Maple Lake, Orrville got a park with picnic tables, a gazebo and garden along with some sidewalks that still aren’t finished, making for dusty picnics for hungry travellers who happen to stop by. “I’m assuming most of the people here think it’s a waste of money and they’d rather see a skating rink for the kids in the winter,” said Joanne, who lives across the street but wouldn’t give her last name.