Fan mail

As our Cathy Gulli reports, another employee of Helena Guergis has been found to have penned a supportive letter to the editor—this one received by Maclean’s two and a half weeks ago in response to this story.

Guergis wasn’t aware of her letter either, says Knight, which she penned out of frustration one Sunday morning after reading the magazine article. She doesn’t regret not identifying herself in the letter, and says she was exercising free speech. “People are dying for that friggin’ right.” Nor is Knight concerned about what her boss will think. “I don’t care what [Guergis] thinks of my letter, quite frankly. I mean, it’s a letter. She knows how I feel,” Knight told Maclean’s. “She knows that if I want to say something, you can’t stop me.”

After the jump, the full text of Ms. Knight’s note.

Dear Sir/Madame

I just finished reading your article about the “power couple, unplugged”. If I am not mistaken it was your magazine that deemed them to be a “power couple” but I don’t see any mention of Helena Guergis accomplishments.   In March at the UN Min Guergis along with 2 other ministers (one from Mexico and one from Austria), were given an award for their commitment to the Global Network of Women’s Shelters; February 2010 Min. Guergis was speaking at the Economic Club in Toronto. While there the Women’s Post presented her with an award for going above and beyond in helping others, in her community and other women, Flare magazine recently recognized her for leadership and commitment to Equal Voice and  in 2009 the Women’s Business Enterprise Council presented her with an International Luminary award for her outstanding works with We Connect Canada.

Power couple – I don’t know. Smart, hard working, accomplished – you bet.

Valerie Knight