Fighting the budget bill

The New Democrats say the battle will move next to the environment committee, where today Megan Leslie will move a motion that would have the committee study the relevant portions of the budget bill—one of 20 such motions the official opposition has presented at the committee. The New Democrats are also demanding that commitee proceedings happen in public and not be moved in camera.

Asked about efforts to delay the second reading vote on the budget bill—presently scheduled for Monday—Nathan Cullen’s response was “stay tuned.”

Separately, the Liberals are raising the possibility of fighting the bill clause-by-clause. The budget implementation act contains 750 clauses. After the bill has been sent back to the House from the finance committee, motions could be moved in the House to delete each of any number of those clauses.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth May plans to move amendments to the bill once it returns to the House for third reading. And, “given the length of the bill” and pending a Speaker’s ruling, she says she could have “potentially hundreds of amendments” to move.