Four ridings vote in federal byelections today

Four ridings vote in federal byelections today

Expect a tight race in downtown Toronto and an easy win for the Tories in Alberta


OTTAWA – Voters will cast ballots today in four federal byelections and the Liberals are hoping to steal a couple of seats from their opponents.

Justin Trudeau says he sees the byelections as another step in the long road toward his Liberal Party regaining power.

Perhaps the most watched race is the downtown Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina where the Liberals hope to snatch the seat from the NDP.

Both Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair have campaigned in the riding multiple times.

Mulcair says he`s feeling tremendous momentum and it’s a question of getting the vote out today.

The Liberals are fighting to hang on to the other riding up for grabs in Toronto—the Conservatives have launched a campaign in Scarborough-Agincourt attacking Trudeau’s stance of legalizing marijuana.

In Alberta the Liberals hope to pull off an upset in the riding of Fort McMurray-Athabasca where Trudeau has campaigned three times.

But most observers predict the Conservatives will keep that seat and also win today’s byelection in the southern Alberta riding of Macleod.

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