From the Republic of Gall, apparently -

From the Republic of Gall, apparently


The first Bloc Quebecois student club outside Quebec has been formed at the University of Ottawa:

Les Bloquistes de l’Universite d’Ottawa, recently approved by the university’s student federation, is now eligible for a variety of services, such as use of rooms at the university, and up to $1,000 a year in funding from the student federation to help it promote its goal of a sovereign Quebec.

“Now we can organize conferences to promote the Bloc Quebecois’ ideas and the sovereigntist movement,” said Jean-François Landry, president of the Bloc Quebecois’ youth wing, Forum Jeunesse, and a student at the university…

In fact, two of the Bloc youth wing’s nine-member executive attend the University of Ottawa, as well as a third student who was, until recently, on the executive.

Landry, who describes himself as a foreign student, is quick to point out they all live in Quebec.

Naturally, as a “foreign student” he pays the differential fees charged to visiting undergraduates.

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