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Game theory


The Topp and Nash campaigns rule out any kind of alliance to block Thomas Mulcair. Alice Funke, meanwhile, notes Nathan Cullen’s fundraising momentum.

A closer look at monthly donation data in the NDP Leadership race suggests that Nathan Cullen’s momentum may see him overtake Thomas Mulcair in the next week, if current trends prevail. More people gave money to Cullen than Dewar, Mulcair or Nash in the first 18 days of February, and he raised nearly as much money as the front-runner Mulcair over the same period.

Cullen’s share of the Total Number of Contributions from the beginning of February to the filing of the last financial report (end of business on February 18) moved him ahead of Dewar and Mulcair (27% of all the contributions made vs. 19% for the other two) compared with January, while Mulcair remains ahead of Cullen in the share of Total Fundraising (26% of the total funds raised vs. 24%) over the same time period of time.