Gaming it out

Susan Delacourt wonders if the detainee document question currently being contemplated by the Speaker won’t ultimately end up with the Supreme Court.

[REDACTED] I wonder—without, mind you, having yet consulted anyone who knows about such things—whether the Supreme Court, in a scenario like the one I referred to a couple of weeks ago, might then pass it on to the Governor General. And then I wonder who the Governor General will be by then. And then I wonder whether we’d all be comfortable with Wayne Gretzky making that decision. [REDACTED]

After thinking about what I wrote here for a bit—Parliament refers the matter to the Supreme Court, Supreme Court refers it to the Governor General, that Governor General is Wayne Gretzky, the whole matter is settled in a shootout—I’m less convinced of my own fanciful theorizing. Apologies. I’ve referred the matter to a more learned mind.

In the meantime, you can review the Supreme Court’s decision in New Brunswick Broadcasting Co. v. Nova Scotia. Neil Morrison has already noted the irony as it applies to this particular predicament.

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