When Dr. Smith Goes to Ottawa

Conventional political wisdom now holds that leaders must connect to voters emotionally, viscerally. As a result, complicated ideas are often reduced to slogans; thoughtful underpinnings are boiled to soundbites. Even the most learned of leaders now speak the language of the average Joe; they must be seen to share middle class interests and values, preferably on television.

That’s why Stéphane Dion now speaks of his love of snow, and Stephen Harper of his children. That’s why politicians visit pubs, throw footballs, inspect factories and walk supermarket aisles during election campaigns.

That’s from Andrew Duffy’s article about the presence of men with degrees at the head of our major political parties.

“Running a country is nothing like going to graduate school, it’s more like a form of organised crime”

That’s from my take on the situation.

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