Getting the message out

Greg Fingas considers the NDP ads.

… they nicely tie together a few easily-digestible and repeated themes (deficits, cuts, economic uncertainty) as affecting viewers directly – serving to thoroughly undercut the “trust us in uncertain times” theme that won the Cons’ majority in 2011, while also setting up a contrast with the NDP’s track record as a party which balances budgets while valuing social benefits.

Of course, it matters how many people will actually see whatever message the NDP is hoping to convey. As yet, the party isn’t offering any details. “We are not prepared to share the specifics of our advertising strategy, however our objective is to reach out to a maximum of Canadians,” party president Chantal Vallerand told me in an email this week. “We are quite pleased with the initial reaction we are getting from our initial roll out.”

As of this writing, the English version of the NDP’s new ads has 61,095 views on YouTube.