Halifax reaction

The Star, Post, iPolitics, Canadian Press, Globe and CBC review the proceedings.

Nathan Cullen says he’s not backing down.

“In fact, we’re doubling down on it,” he told reporters, though he added he is not “married to the details.” “The particulars of how this thing happens — it can happen in many different ways.”

Brian Topp says he stands by his tax proposals.

After the debate, Mr. Topp said that Canada’s tax system is blatantly unfair and that he will continue to encourage the party to move leftward and go after Bay St. millionaires. “I think he is wrong,” Mr. Topp said about Mr. Mulcair’s views. “His answers show we have a bit of a disagreement here about the direction our party should go in.”

Greg Fingas updates his rankings. The Rabble crowd considers.

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