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Harper in the world


In our latest print edition, our man John Geddes explains the Prime Minister’s newfound fondness for going on the road to spread his message. Nut graf:

‘Beyond all the conference tables, watch for Harper to selectively use international media to assert his relevance. “It’s about directly engaging opinion leaders and policy makers,” said a senior government official. It’s also, of course, about finding ways to present Harper as a big-league statesman, at a time when his Conservative party is in trouble in the polls and facing, in Michael Ignatieff, a Liberal rival who’s easy to imagine fitting in comfortably on the international leaders’ circuit.’

David Akin’s Twitter feed from a PMO briefing demonstrates John’s point: “#pmharper in US for 2 days of questions from US media. Cdn media travelling with PM to G20/NATO get only 8 questions only over 4 days.”