Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau in their own words

A look at what leaders said on the federal campaign trail Monday 

Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair. (CP;CP;REUTERS)

Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair. (CP;CP;REUTERS)

OTTAWA — Some selected quotes from the election campaign Monday.

Stephen Harper

“Polls don’t decide the election, voters do. And do voters really want to replace benefits they have with a bunch of deficits and things that are going to be taken away, do they really want to replace lower taxes with higher taxes, do they really want to replace an economy that’s creating jobs to go down the path of so many economies that have not been creating jobs the past few years?”

“I think next Monday, because Canadians want to see more jobs, lower taxes, balanced budgets and keeping the benefits they’ve earned, I think this party will do very well in southern Ontario.”

“In terms of change, the change we represent is moving forward with more tax cuts, with balanced budgets that means you keep the benefits you have and you can get more. The change proposed on the other side is to go back to the era of tax hikes and deficits.”

Justin Trudeau

“It’s become common in the last decade: personal attacks, fear mongering and divisive wedges … Now, sustained over a long period of time, that kind of thing changes us. It makes us dismissive of opposing points of view, it makes us suspicious of those who vote differently than we do. In short, it makes us fearful of ideas and of others and eventually what we get isn’t politics anymore, we don’t get discussion and we don’t get answers. All we get is anger.”

“Let’s remember that in the end, we are all Canadians. My friends, Conservatives are not our enemies, they are our neighbours, they are our cousins and uncles and parents, they are our friends. They want what’s best for their country just like you do.”

“Canada’s proud Tory history has been abandoned by a party that has merely assumed a label and co-opted a political tradition. Most insulting of all for Progressive Conservatives is how casually and swiftly their history has been abandoned, how swiftly Stephen Harper’s Conservatives laid claim to a proud Canadian institution then hollowed out its centre and replaced the heart with a divisive, secretive and fearful core.”

Tom Mulcair

“Our politics of hope and optimism can defeat Stephen Harper’s politics of fear and division and together we can build the Canada of our dreams.”

“Only the NDP can defeat Conservatives and only the NDP will deliver the change we’ve been waiting for … Now’s the time, my friends. The momentum for change began in Quebec, it spread to Alberta and today I can feel the energy right here in British Columbia.”

“In 2011, I saw the same pollsters say we’d be fourth in Quebec, so I don’t pay attention to that.”