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Headline from the Telegraph: ‘Watch out Chancellor, rock star Mark Carney is in town’


Check out how the Telegraph’s Kamal Ahmed gets started on his preview of Mark Carney’s upcoming star turn in Britain:

“Like Belgium, Canada has always suffered on the “Can you name someone famous from there?” index. Scott Abbott co-invented Trivial Pursuit, Brother XII was a mystical leader who set up camp on Vancouver Island in the 1920s (later dispersed through lack of interest) and James (Win) Mortimer drew the DC Comics superhero, Superman.”

Hey, what? Hold on: Belgium? And, seriously, what about William Shatner?

Paragraph two in Ahmed’s Telegraph feature:

“I am not sure whether the new Governor of the Bank of England – who must be a shoo-in for the 2013 Most Famous Canadian Britain Has Ever Heard of Award – ever wears his underpants outside his trousers, but the way some are building up Mark Carney, you would imagine he does.”

Again … what? Anyway, a couple more excerpts on Carney for the navelgazers out there (that is, all of us — according to Ahmed):

  • “Mr. Carney has the air of a man who would like nothing better than maybe shooting some craps and cracking open a Budweiser.”
  • “More than one observer has noted his passing resemblance to George Clooney.”

Carney is due in front of the Treasury Select Committee in London this week. Writing elsewhere in the Telegraph, Harry Wilson says the Bank of Canada governor can expect to be asked for  his thoughts on supervision of the central bank.



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