Hearing different things

Canadian Press, March 31. A party source said Tuesday that Mulroney is not a member and directed further questions to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sun Media. April 1. Senior Conservatives contacted reporters yesterday to tell them Mulroney had effectively torn up his party card.

Canadian Press, April 2. Senior party and government officials told reporters Tuesday that Mulroney, whose past business associations are the subject of a federal inquiry, is no longer a Conservative party member.

Maclean’s, April 2. The Unnamed Senior Conservative asserted that Stephen Harper’s circle has no interest in picking fights with Mulroney, who has many admirers in Harper’s caucus, but neither is the party backing down from what are, at least in part, easily verifiable questions of fact.

Canadian Press, April 5. Several MPs pointedly criticized the way Mulroney was being treated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s staff. A cabinet minister was heckled when she attempted to explain the PMO version of events to Mulroney’s defenders.

Stephen Harper, today. “I can’t address that subject. I don’t honestly know the answer. I’ve been reading and hearing different things,” he said.

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