Here's what happened when the PM asked for help from the Twitterverse

Question for Chris Hadfield? Stephen Harper wants to know

Questions for @Cdmr_Hadfield via the Prime Minister

Earlier today, a tweet from the Prime Minister’s Office invited kids to tweet suggested questions for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

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Kids! I’ll be speaking live online with @Cmdr_Hadfield later this month. Use #pmhadfield to submit your questions to me by noon tomorrow.Stephen Harper
Unfortunately for the PMO, no kids in the Twitterverse — just lots of kidders, quipsters and smart asses:
#PMHadfield Seeing the majesty of the universe & that we are all one people, doesn’t it make you want cut programs for the poor? #cdnpoliStephen Lautens
#PMHadfield Like the Great Wall of China, is the Prime Minister’s ego one of the things you can see from space? #cdnpoliStephen Lautens
#PMHadfield It is time 2 have a frank conversation about science in Canada & why our government is forbidding scientists frm speaking 2 CdnsNickie
#PMHadfield do you think you could use the Canadarm to "fix" a telecommunication sat to make robocalls for us? thanks! #cdnpoliTodd Scott
#PMHadfield After you splash down can you get me some of those Russian fish eggs Charlie the chinchilla just loves loves emtrapdinawrpool
#pmhadfield Does Pierre Pollievre seem as stupid from up there as he does from down here?Nevine Chiari
From space, can you tell where Senator Mike Duffy lives? Are Senators Wallin’s expenses visible? #PMHadfieldTheHarperGovernment
#PMHadfield Can you please ask @pmharper who Pierre Poutine is? ThanksNickie
@pmharper @Cmdr_Hadfield Why do you hate science so much, Stephen? Were you bullied by nerds or something? #pmhadfieldMK
#PMHadfield Can you see fake lakes from space? How bout Experimental Lakes? @pmharper @Cmdr_HadfieldDan Minkin
But, wait … there were a couple of sincere replies: 
Wow, @Cmdr_Hadfield for Prime Minister! Great idea! #pmhadfieldKaren Pearson
Hi Commander! My 9 yr old daughter, (Miss 9),would like to know how you eat soup in space. #pmhadfieldonroadexplorer
#pmhadfield any tips on becoming an astronaut?Tomsy
@pmharper What is your favourite picture that you’ve taken so far while you’ve been in space? #pmhadfieldTal
@Cmdr_Hadfield for Prime Minister! #pmhadfield #cdnpoliAshley Arden