House of Intrigue -

House of Intrigue


The Sun reports that before Vic Toews went out and said that thing he said, before the government’s legislation was widely scorned and before members of his caucus told him they couldn’t support the bill, the Prime Minister had decided that C-30 would be sent directly to a parliamentary committee for study and amendment. It apparently just took his government three days to say so.

Meanwhile, the Citizen traces Vikileaks to a House of Commons IP address.

While its impossible to say who is actually the using the address without a full-scale investigation undertaken by the House of Commons, a trace of the IP address shows it is also used by an employee of the House to post comments on a website for fans of the musician Paul Simon. When reached by phone, the employee said that while he frequents the Paul Simon website he has nothing to do with the Vikileaks30 Twitter account.

Justin Trudeau claims to prefer Garfunkel.