How bout now? -

How bout now?


Justin Trudeau appears in public and so again is asked about his leadership intentions.

“I’m aware that there’s a certain popularity factor out there, but that’s not the centre of any decision I have to make,” he said.

“The centre I have to make is a very personal one: Can I manage to be a good father while being a good leader and eventually a good prime minister first and foremost, and also am I the right person for the job? Do I have the capacity to lead in the way that people seem to think I do?”

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For the anthology of Justin Trudeau trying to explain the extent and shape of his ambitions, I submit the 760-word response I received in 2009 when I asked him if he wanted to be Prime Minister someday (the resulting profile is here).

As part of her reporting on Mr. Trudeau last month, the Star’s Susan Delacourt recorded video of the Liberal MP for Papineau explaining himself.