How many people does it take to release a report?

The Speaker seemed yesterday to say it was up to the four party leaders and the Auditor General to discuss the release of a report into G8-related spending. On that note, Jack Layton wrote last night to the other party leaders and the Auditor General to request a meeting.

The official Liberal response today—with an additional comment on a vote at committee by the NDP’s David Christopherson—is as follows.

We want the final report released. If Mr. Layton can explain how four leaders sitting in a room will lead to the release being made public, we’re all for it, but so far we haven’t heard that from him. It’s a shame that the NDP blocked our attempt when the House was still sitting to ensure that the report would be released in the event of a campaign because if they had, it would already be out by now.

The official Conservative response today is as so.

We have called for the final report to be made public—the Prime Minister made that clear in last night’s scrum.

The Conservative campaign has so far not responded to the specific question of whether Mr. Harper is willing to meet with his counterparts and Sheila Fraser to discuss this.

As for the Auditor General’s office, it will only confirm for now that it has received Mr. Layton’s letter and that Ms. Fraser is Nunavut for the rest of the week on business.

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