'I am unequivocally opposed to user fees in health care'

In response to questions from me, a statement from Peggy Nash on health care and user fees.

I am glad to take any opportunity to affirm that I am unequivocally opposed to user fees in health care. Any suggestion to the contrary is a politically-motivated distraction from my solid record on this issue.

It is absolutely possible to respect the Canada Health Act *and* provincial/territorial jurisdictions. The key to this is to ensure that every province and territory has the resources it needs to maintain an accessible, publicly-funded system. As NDP leader and Prime Minister, I would do everything possible to make sure this is the case.

This discussion should not be about meddling in provincial/territorial jurisdictions – Quebec’s or otherwise. This discussion should be about the kind of federal leadership that is required to support all jurisdictions in rising to meet the standards and values we all believe in. Indeed, the Canadian identity is shaped in great part by a system of health care that is fair, accessible, and public. My leadership will be about protecting and enhancing that. Canadians deserve no less.