I demand an apology for your demand that I apologize

Days after stirring outrage by claiming the Bloc were courageous “résistants” against — well, actually, they’re on the payroll of the Canadian state, aren’t they? — Gilles Duceppe has attempted an intricate recovery move, never before tried in competition.

Responding to those who found the comparison’s implied corollary — if the Bloc = résistance, then Canada = Nazis — in poor taste (not to say insane), Duceppe refused to go with the old “I’m sorry if you were offended” routine on which lesser politicians often rely. Rather, he has elected to play the more daring “I’m offended that you were offended.”

More daring and, when you think about it, more authentically Blocquiste.

UPDATE: Bloc continuing to demand $2.2-billion more in federal transfers. Do you have any idea how much it costs to run a good resistance movement these days?

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