I plod Nanos! I don't know, I was trying to make some kind of pun on "Nanos" and it didn't go well. Anyway, today's Nanos poll has extra fun for all the kids!

Fun polling facts: When you have a rolling poll with 400 calls a night, by the time you’ve rolled across five days, you have a large enough sample that your regional sub-samples, added together, aren’t completely bogus.

This is the blessed state of affairs to which we have arrived in the world of Nanos polling. Hence the fun fun 5-day regional breakdown. (click to open the .pdf) It shows…more or less what you’d expect: the Liberals are strong in Liberal areas, whereas, conversely, the Conservatives are strong in areas where the Conservatives are strong. There are even pockets of NDP strength, in the areas where the NDP is strong. And yet you’re dying to see the chart, aren’t you. Well, go ahead and click.

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