'I will consider the matter closed'

With a slight allowance for the potential of future trouble, the Speaker officially declined yesterday to entertain a point of privilege from Jack Harris on Afghan detainee documents—more or less clearing the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc to proceed with their memorandum of understanding.

In considering this matter, the Chair has taken great care to assess whether the existence of this consensus satisfies the broad conditions that were imposed on the parties in the ruling of April 27.

I must stress that it is not for the Chair to examine the details of the agreement or to compare it to the agreement in principle tabled on May 14. I am responding to the interventions that have been made on behalf of an overwhelming majority of members who have stated that they are satisfied with the consensus agreement that has been tabled.

The Chair can only conclude, therefore, that the requirements of the ruling of April 27, 2010, have indeed been met and, accordingly, I will not call on the honourable member for St. John’s East to move a motion at this time. Instead, the Chair will allow time for the processes and mechanisms described in the agreement to be implemented. Should circumstances change, members will no doubt ensure that the Chair will again be seized of the matter, but for now I will consider the matter closed.