Interactive Commons: The dots are newly updated

Look who's talking in Question Period

The Interactive Commons is now updated with data through November 8. While the Prime Minister was away, John Baird (22 responses since the last report) and Pierre Poilievre (21 responses since the last report) played and Diane Finley (98 responses total this fall) has now been up more than any other member of the Conservative side.

In terms of asking, Thomas Mulcair still leads Bob Rae (82 questions to 62 questions), but Mr. Rae has proved nearly as verbose (having spoken 3,117 words in QP to Mr. Mulcair’s 3,207).

Fun fact: Conservative MP David Tilson and NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault, both committee chairs, are the only MPs to both ask and respond to at least one question so far this fall.