Invitation rescinded

Conservative MP Chungsen Leung seems to have not been entirely clear on who he was inviting to testify at the immigration committee.

The witnesses from the Canadian Immigration Forum — Madi and Julien Lussier — had been scheduled to appear, although they had not been publicly listed by the committee, for its first meeting of the parliamentary session. NDP and Liberal MPs immediately balked at their presence as soon as they arrived at the committee, pointing to elements on the group’s website they called shocking. Several MPs on the committee are immigrants. Sections of the site include one on so-called “Chinafication” and “Arabization,” and a video interview with Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm and others from a conference of the “racialist” group American Renaissance…

Conservative MP Chungsen Leung’s office had put forward the names of the Lussiers as witnesses. He said that he had been told by a constituent that they were lawyers, and was unaware of what was on their website. “The views stated on this website are disgusting and anti-Canadian. I am outraged by them,” Leung said.