'It's classic dopey on dopey'

Opposition MPs criticize Jason Kenney for agreeing with what he thought Rob Ford was saying.

Liberal MP John McKay, whose Scarborough riding was rocked by the shooting, said Kenney should have known better than to echo anything said by Ford, whom he accused of fanning “the flames of ignorance and prejudice.” “It’s classic dopey on dopey,” McKay said in an interview.

McKay, who has spent considerable time since the shooting meeting with residents in the affected community, said they’re “upset that their community is going to be stigmatized.” He said Kenney’s talk of foreigners is only going to make that worse. “If being born here of Jamaican or Caribbean parentage makes you a foreigner, I guess they’re foreigners,” McKay said, adding that he saw the residents “more as Canadians.”

Bob Rae tweets.

When Jason Kenney takes his policy advice from Rob Ford, you know we’re in deep trouble as a country.