It's Thanksgiving in April

The Liberals and Conservatives celebrate the attack ads

Justin Trudeau says thanks to Liberals for their support, and the $336,000 they’ve apparently donated to the cause in response to the Conservative attack ads.

Meanwhile, here is a note that just went out from the Conservative party.

On Monday, we launched three new ads informing Canadians that Justin Trudeau is in way over his head.

Unsurprisingly, some members of the media are criticizing our new TV ads. They are circling the wagons.

But here’s the truth — these ads have spread farther and faster than any ads we’ve ever done. We are communicating directly with Canadians rather than passing through the media’s “filter”.

In two days, our ads were viewed more than 270,000 times on YouTube — more views than we have ever received on any video before — including during an election cycle.

We received so much traffic to our website that it temporarily crashed — something that’s never happened before.

Despite what the media wants you to think, the response to our new ad campaign has been overwhelming.

We need to make sure every Canadian sees these ads and you can help by making a $25 donation today.

I’d like to thank you for helping make this happen, but our work is far from over

Please visit today and hit the share button on these ads and to help us keep the momentum going.

Thank you,

Jenni Byrne
National Campaign Manager, 2011